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New Zealand


Aquablast 1215

Outrider Motorcycles, based in New Zealand offer a range of automotive services such as repairs, custom work and restorations.

The company were looking for a quicker process to clean parts and that's when they discovered Vixen's wet blasting technology. Prior to purchasing the Aquablast 1215, Outrider motorcycles would spend hours on cleaning parts with costly chemicals and polishing processes.

Now, The Aquablast 1215 is used to restore and prepare motorcycle and automotive parts, including classic and vintage items.

The Aquablast 1215 is the second largest from Vixen’s standard wet blasting cabinets. This machine is ideal for blasting and handling larger parts with a working chamber of one metre2. This process uses water mixed with abrasive to produce a soft finish to parts, with the water acting as a lubricant.

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Kane Middleton


Our Aquablast restores metallic items back to their original states in a safe and timely manner with minimal fuss. We’ve noticed the time spent on the restoration of parts has dramatically reduced as well as the increase of quality of the finished products.

The accuracy of information and the communication from overseas was fantastic. The machine was fully operational on arrival with detailed manuals to follow. It’s a very simple machine to use.

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