Total Wheel Solutions

Middlesbrough, UK


Middlesbrough, UK


Vertical Wheel Lathe

Total Wheel Solutions purchased the Vixen Wheel Lathe for customers with diamond cut wheels.

Andy, the Co-owner of Total Wheel Solutions started a mobile business 5 years ago in repairing alloy wheels. As the business progressed, Andy then moved into a unit on Skippers Lane in Middlesbrough where he now provides an array of services for his customers including powder coating and diamond cut wheels.

Before Andy purchased the Vixen Vertical Wheel Lathe, he was turning away customers with diamond cut wheels as he didn’t provide this service, therefore losing out on a lot of potential customers.

Andy then made the decision to purchase a Lathe with Vixen coming out on top due to the training provided, the back-up support and all spare parts being in stock to order straight away.

The Vertical Wheel Lathe has now been up and running for a few weeks and Andy is extremely happy with his machine.




​​​​​​​Having the Vixen Wheel Lathe has helped my business financially as I am no longer turning away any customers or outsourcing work. The training I have received from Terry, one of the Vixen Engineers, was very good and he has been on hand if I needed any more help and guidance over the phone.

The machine is as easy to use as advertised. I would definitely recommend Vixen, they are the full package!

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