Felgenspezi 2000

Krefeld, Germany


Krefeld, Germany


Vertical Wheel Lathe & Aqua Wheelblaster

Felgenspezi 2000 in Krefeld, Germany purchased Vixen’s ultimate wheel repair package: the Aqua Wheelblaster and Vertical Wheel Lathe.

Carsten Schepers, the owner of Felgenspezi 2000 decided to expand his business to provide quicker and more pristine results for his customers.

Vixen’s engineers recently visited the workshop to deliver the two days of inclusive training on the Wheel Lathe and to commission the Aqua Wheelblaster.

After noticing a gap in the market with more and more customers wanting diamond cut wheel repairs, Carsten couldn’t keep up with the demand. He decided to research what was available and that’s when he discovered Vixen’s range of smart wheel repair equipment.

The Aqua Wheelblaster and Vertical Wheel Lathe are designed to fit seamlessly into any automotive workshop and to provide rapid results, allowing customers like Carsten to repair and prepare wheels quicker than ever!

Before the Vertical Wheel Lathe, Carsten and his team were using a handheld grinding machine to repair wheels, which was very time consuming.

Now, with the revolutionary Vertical Wheel Lathe he can repair kerb damage to diamond cut wheels in just minutes. The lathe features a user-friendly Windows operating system which is available in all European languages, making it accessible and easy to use. This machine is ideal for busy workshops as it maps out wheels in just 30 seconds, using Panasonic laser probe technology.

Carsten also purchased the Aqua Wheelblaster which washes, cleans, degreases and creates a key to prepare wheels ready for painting, machining and lacquering. This process takes as little as three minutes!

After the two days of training on how to use the machines, Carsten and his team were very impressed with the training and said: “the support was wonderful”.


Carsten Schepers


I am very happy with Vixen's machines. The support was wonderful and they are a great addition to my workshop in Krefeld. It is absolutely perfect!

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